lunes, 19 de noviembre de 2007

El pastel de miel con crema agria de aniversario

The "somewhat original" recipe illuminating this initiative can be found HERE . Our "original version" (OV) of that is recreated more or less, although summarily, as follows:

Difficulty: unprecedented
Preparation time: 3 to 5 hours; Just enough to miss the 11:30pm reservation made at Mosaic restaurant!
Cost: expensive, including the waste of dough, and nerves.
Ingredients: Undetermined amount of flour, water to clean the counter and the sticky fingers, energy to bake one by one the 6 layers of honey cake, and the others listed HERE some extent...
Preparation: Forget to print the recipe, try very hard to remember it and give up, suspend this step and go to internet to look for it again, write down the recipe.
Try deciphering it while fruitlessly staring at it until somebody gives you a small push to start doing something and figure things in the making. Measure, weight, mix and get an extremely weird and difficult dough that sticks everywhere. Add countless more spoons of flour. When you feel disoriented ask for a second opinion. Did you miss something? Have you read properly? Was fat necessary? Could anybody seek for an alternative recipe? Question your abilities until everything cools down...EVERYTHING.
Do not try cleaning your hands and the counter or whatever surface you might be working on, simply because you will be left with barely any dough to make the layers of the cake you were after in the first place. Do not quit and leave the kitchen so long that you forget about the cake altogether, leave it all alone only enough time to let the mixture inexplicably transform into an ordinary, yet dry to the touch, dough (remember that this would happen without your intervention, in your absence, and possibly behind closed doors!).
At this moment you feel that you have invested too much time and energy and you will give it a last chance, mix the sour cream with sugar but do not eat it! The layers will need a significant amount of hydration!
Follow the instructions of the momentarily abandoned project and make 6 pancakes. Make sure that your monthly consumption of electricity skyrockets by placing the layers ONE BY ONE! in the oven. Disregard the waste of time. Do not even think of placing 3 in the different racks of the oven, because the honey cake would lack merits!!!!! The wax paper is also of no concern. Use and throw means just that. Why to change the principles?
Build a nice tower of the resulting cookies using the little bit of sour cream that remained and let it set and get moist in the refrigerator.
It would be so very late by the time you are done that no other plans for the night are recommended. Criticism is discouraged, the bystanders and observers should learn from the process without commenting on it because the cook could get very irritated.
The cake is FENOMENAL! Fantastiline, suurepärane!

*The eventful, confusing an unsettling discussion on the issue of baking powder, polvo royal, soda, baking soda, küpsetus pulber, and/or bicarbonato whatever it is that should be used in this recipe (or any other...) has been suppressed for the preservation of the vitality of an important institution: marriage. It also deserves independent analysis.

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vaca dijo...

Well done! En el caso de que así se escriba bién hecho!

vaca dijo...

Asomate por acá

Pille dijo...

Oh, Maria! I am so sorry to hear it took so much effort and mess!
Re: the baking powder - it is NOT the same thing as bicarbonate of soda/baking soda. These two are not interchangeable in recipes! Bicarbonate of soda reacts with the honey in the dough, and gives the resulting lightness.
Re: skyrocketing electricity bills - as each dough disc is in the oven for just about 5 minutes (exactly the time needed for rolling out the next piece:), you won't be using the oven for such a long time total:)
Re: parchment paper - feel free to reuse them for another cake, another time - they're just in the oven for 5 minutes, so they're still almost new:)
I'm so glad you liked the final result, however..
And your dear hubby may want to use the Estonian instructions next time: here
Again, happy anniversary!

Anónimo dijo...

milesimo intento de hacer comentarios en este espacio.......sería bueno la traducción de la receta inclusive con su homologación a ingredientes regionales!!!!

SalulaidSolarte dijo...

It was a nice, very nice evening. better than any outing indeed. writing it here has been a laugh with Jaan...We will continue trying good recipes for sure. The issue of the baking soda is really an ongoing concern....I must research a bit! Pille thanks!!!!!!!!!!!

Galileo dijo...


please, please make sure that in your lifetime you write a book "a la limón" about your everyday life. you are too funny...

vaca dijo...

al alimón

GLORIA dijo...


vaca dijo...

Libro de artista, ver definición, en Wikipedia, por ejemplo