viernes, 22 de mayo de 2009

It is late to comment on EUROVISION, but these songs were fantastic!

For the first time I see anything of worth in this silly contest.
1. The Russian efforts in putting up the greatest show ever succeeded
2. Estonia, Russia and Sweden had really good songs
3. How being cute (Is he really so cute? His looks seem rather average to me) awarded the Norwegian singer the first place?
4. Why Azerbaijan, Albania and Turkey could collect so many supporters? Their presentations were terrible ad the songs amateurish, boring, the worst of the bunch!
5. Patricia Kass was GOOD! and deserved a better place in the finals
4. Which country other than Norway could afford at this point to host an EUROVISION contest anyway?
I hope the next year the quality of the music will continue improving and the policy of patriotism is replaced by one that can take merits into account!

Please, listen to these nice melodies: The melancholic Estonian character manifest in one and the Intensity of any Slavic nation in the other. The last is the song that represented France by Patricia Kass.