martes, 29 de diciembre de 2009

Looking forward to dine out today

I am already visualizing an oversized glass of any non home made drink, as different as it can be possible from the gingerbread and spicy wine spectrum, and loaded with ice. I will, for the first time, greatly appreciate the ice on the drink.
A late best wishes message from the sick, completely overloaded with Christmas produce and flavours lady of the house and Co. Seasonal greetings for all!!!!!!
This year we did not manage to get anything ready on time, but still thought about all our friends and relatives with affection and nostalgia. Please, make of 2010 the year of your visit to Estonia.
We will go to Lido (The Latvian export restaurant) this evening to give the kitchen, the cook and all of our stomachs a break!

Yes, because we have mostly bad pictures. Here featuring Kyoko, Joonas and Emil before they went to sledge last weekend.

jueves, 10 de diciembre de 2009

Few complaints, no offense intended

J. changes the settings of the computer everytime he uses it; mutes its volume invariably despite repeated requests to resist temptation; erases icons that I often use and deletes shortcuts I need. In the car, he moves the mirrors, pushes the sit back and low, heats, and the worst: modifies the memory of the radio making it for me impossible to locate my favorite station again (the only one I appreciate in this country). Note that he uses my car only to fill the fuel tank. I will have (for the peace) to give up trying to show him the reasonability of my petitions to leave everything as is, but it will also mean that I must budget a considerable time waste for the rearrengement of my preferences at least once per week. He takes strange pictures. This year, Joonas saw Santa for the first time and J.´s caption of the experience did not show either Joonas or Santa Claus in full. They are both parted from eachother already, faces unrecognizable...Luckily someone else (I am sure it was not J.) made another photo...The failed pic is is our other blog.

Taken in the International Women Association Christmas Bazaar, where Emil and I were helping with the selling of "pre-owned" books