lunes, 5 de noviembre de 2007

Una conversacion nocturna. TIPICA

What happens with the corny dialogs of love and the passionate yet abrupt lines that emerge from the most ordinary situations when one gets married? While just married, that is! After 12 years of living "IT" (by the 17th of this month), this is the type of conversations that normally take place before going to sleep. The most romantic sort, believe it or not. The rest goes on in complete and competent silence.
Love, relationships and interests certainly age!

A. Honey, you look quiet square in the XYZ (any given part of the body that one happen to notice changed).

B. Really? I should be put then in Paris besides the famous "etalon."

A. Etalon? What etalon? In what language are you talking?

B. In any intelligent language. Do-not-you-knooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww what "etalon" means, do not you know anything?

A. NO! I have no idea, can you spell it for me?

B. Hahahahahaha! If you have survived so many decades not having ever heard, known, used or understood the meaning of that word why would you require my explanation now, at one a.m before going to sleep? Laughing and laughing!

A. PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE could you at least make a sentence with the little word?

B. Yes! You are an etalon of ignorance; I am the etalon of intelligence.

A. E-talon, electronic talon? Ethanol? You are the one mistaken! or is it something more like eth-alon? I have no idea.

B. Well, well, if you reaaaaallllly want to know anything please, know that the metric system etalon is somewhere in Paris. I learned this in high school. What did you learn then???????

A. Where in Paris. Is it a museum? A show room? Can you possibly give me a hint???

B. It is simply the model for something, the etalon for inches is surely in Britain. How much is a meter?

A. 100 centimeters, why the world needs an etalon!

B. But how much is one centimeter?

A. Waggghhhh! 100 millimeters!

B. Hysterical laughing! 100? then you got your self 10 centimeters! not one. You see why you need an etalon????Go to sleep!

A. You know that I know it is 10 mm. I am too sleepy.

B. Then go to sleep. One millimeter is got to be one millimeter always everywhere and that is why there is a need for an etalon.


First thing in the morning today: We googled the word to find out that it is actually a word in French, and it means BENCHMARK, STANDARD, PATRON in Spanish.

Quien fue quien en esta discusion?

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vaca dijo...

étalon black tobiano
Raza: Paint
Género: semental
Edad: 9
Talla: 157
Color: Tobiano
Nivel: Cutting
Concursos / Premios: étalon
Disciplinas: Crianza, Doma vaquera

En un tobiano pazuco
con caronita pelada
ahí va el peoncito de estancia
cruzando por la ¿picada?

Gauchito varon maduro el rigor
sin saber por que tierno corazón
falto de calor le tocó creceeeer

Cumpla su deber chingolito fiel
de aqui para alla cogollo de amor
turutututu tururututuuuuuuu

Será muy aventurado decir que el inteligente es Jaan y la no inteligente Mariette? (e.l.i.d.l.f. : El avioooooooonn)

vaca dijo...

Que es esto? ... you look quiet square...?

Hay un famous etalon in Paris?

vaca dijo...

Etalon puede hacer referencia a:

Interferómetro Fabry-Pérot un tipo de Interferómetro usado en Óptica.

Satélite Etalon un Satélite Artificial usado en Mediciones Láser a Satélites.


vaca dijo...

Patafisicos: Umberto Eco, uno de mis escritores favoritos es uno.

abueladeemil dijo...

creo que el pretendidamente inteligente es jaan; sin embargo, es mas inteligente quien hace caso omiso de la palabreja, inútil por demás si la ignorante de la misma es su majestad, dado que no ha sido necesaria, determinadora, conocida, etc. además su desconocimiento no ha afectado el uso de la lengua a diestra y siniestra...¡he dicho!