martes, 10 de marzo de 2009

There is always WIKIPEDIA

Rhymes with the Orange 08.02.2004

If an entry proposes no reasonable amount of novelty should I still post it? I never know.
The song MY WAY (Frank Sinatra, his staple theme, sung the first time in 1969) has been released at least 85 more times by different other interpreters. It is in your best interest that I recommend you to ignore CALAMARO´S version. He made a mistake on this one that he has to live up to for the rest of his natural life, and beyond. I still fancy his music greaty!
Concerning MY WAY I would stick with Sinatra, and welcome the remake by Robbie Williams. At the touch of admiration, everything this man does seems fine. To me.

Venezuelans might not be realizing that if their president is (or is made) so mighty and powerful to give to "the people" everything they ask and need, he also holds that power to take it all away at will. Arbirariness does not provide other incentive than caution. In time, caution turns into suspicion and fear where the authority acts unpredictably-randomly, based on mood or whim. A society does not develop healthily if what binds it together is so precarious. How can these people be walking the way to misfortune and stagnation that other countries have utterly regretted, and why they do it so cheerfully?

jueves, 5 de marzo de 2009

Los blogeros con identidad

Estos si son devotos de sus ideas, consistentes con la tematica que exponen y coherentes. Por eso los leo. Son pensadores en serie, no toderos complacientes y temperamentales como debe ser mi caso.
Me la paso leyendo-divagando-preparando las clases de derecho comparado. Y lo que leo como me inquieta me saca de contexto -inevitablemente-. Comienzo trabajando un concepto juridico cualquiera y casi siempre termino enterandome de los avances en tecnologia digital o comentando blogs de artistas graficos. Parece que casi todo lo que me interesa me conduce inevitablemente hasta alli. Lo que queria sugerir, sinembargo, es que hay tanto en que pensar y tantas posibilidades de expansion intelectual que elegir un solo tema "tiene que ser" una limitante forzada. A mis casi 40 "de todo un poquito" sigue siendo el penoso lema, pero como se abarca el "todo"? O peor aun, como se elige entre tantas opciones la insignificancia de una sola? Lo cierto es que los web logs de mas popularidad son los mas consistentes los que demuestran la mayor continuidad tematica. Como es que hay gente tan comprometida?
Este me gusta mucho, por que su autor razona escrupulosamente, no hace comentarios falaces. El tema que lo ocupa es el de la informacion, tambien el de la tecnologia que la transmite. Este es uno de los weblogs mas populares en nuestro idioma y lo consulto a menudo por que ademas tiene enlaces pertinentes sobre asuntos que estudio y enseno: propiedad intelectual, la legitimidad politica y juridica, etc. Alude a temas de la actualidad politica Espanola, es un ciudadano conocido y reconocido por sus credenciales profesionales y academicas: Enrique Dans

miércoles, 4 de marzo de 2009

Completely tired

Another webcomic by xkcd

Of having to register and login everywhere. I ran a check around forums, news and blogs on the absurdity (annoyance, ok) to waste half or more of the time one spends online accessing the privilege of merely accessing. Reaching most times "somewhere" foggy, banal, disorganized and terribly busy with adds and instructions only to realize that you no longer remember what you needed in the first place, but you can still be sure it is not there. It gets even more disturbing when after a while you decide to capitalize the investment (time, energy, information) using the product these cybercommunities offer and you can´t recall the data you used; with the login names or passwords forgotten, you will inadvertedly get engaged in the same obnoxious processes.
I found nothing on the issue. I surely missed to register somewhere...