jueves, 8 de noviembre de 2007

DIETAS y como crear una atmosfera propicia para ellas

I must go on a diet immediately. It shall consist of urgent changes in my lifestyle:
FIRST OF ALL: restraint from watching any more Spanish TV journalists (are not they really comedians in disguise, posing as journalists?), condescending with the worst part of the society and provoking the best part of it to show the worst part of it.... The issue of Chad being the one annoying me the most at this moment -second- (do they deliberately incur in at least a million different fallacies per program to upset me? The achieve it!). Why they are satisfied because the Spanish prisoners receive preferential treatment in prison? Are not they worried about a legal system that does not correspond to theirs?
If so, why not to worry IF and only because they could have received any type of special treatment. Well, as I have always understood it, a basic principle of any "Estado de Derecho" is equality. We should be considered equal before the law. In short, if the are getting any sort of special treatment it is WRONGGGGGGGGGGGGG. Chad would then be NOT ACTING ACCORDING TO INTERNATIONAL PPLES OF LAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The pilot of the aircraft and the assistant also Spanish should sleep in stone beds and receive little-not very nice food, and stand the heat of that country just like everybody else does.
AND AGAIN I MAKE IT CLEAR: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This does not mean that I approve these conditions, they should certainly improve but FOR ALL, not only for the europeans that happen to be involved in a criminal procedure there.
AGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH...I cannot continue with this now. I got an overdose of reasons to "teach" the Spanish TV stations to be coherent. I do not quit this list, I just postpone the closure of this entry until I finish getting worried about other issues such as: what would I wear tomorrow for the concert, or how I will celebrate (and Jaan pay for) our 12th wedding anniversary...and why nobody detects the distorted notions of "journalists and commentators (tertulianos) about every single issue around. Does one need to go to the university to acquire the right to distort reality and misinform in front of the cameras?... TO BE CONTINUED...Appart from my atrocious English I have a point, do not I?????

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