viernes, 7 de diciembre de 2007

YUGOP, but I have no idea how to insert it here permanently

I used to have this clock in my website on conflict management but for some reason I forgot how to add it or where to find the tags! A blog does not allow for much unless one knows a lot about blogging. I do not. Anyway, see the link, it is very, very cool!

Onto another matter: I love this sweater, does anybody know how to make it???????????

Tomorrow is candles day! I will take many pictures.

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1. Two women make pictures every single morning; they live more than 3.000 miles apart, they are friends, they blog the images and the result is a very beautiful photo blog made by two.

It takes discipline, commitment and romanticism to do this, that is why I like it:


2. Last but not least: CINNAMON ROLLS Tartelette: Cinnabons - A Tasty Knock Off - Priceless Friends: "Link Newer Post Older Post "

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cally dijo...

thank you for your comment on my blog, you are like me, long comments, i enjoyed that.

yes,i love blue, i was watching the film 'notes on a scandal' today and when the older woman goes into the school toilet to be sick my friend laughed because i was saying "ooh, look at the blue walls with all the writing (graffiti). I love blue dresses most of all, especially 50's and 60's with embroidery, pleating or beading and many shades of blue. for me that is heaven on earth.

if you look through my blog and find a picture with a lot of blue, then look town to my labels for that picture and click blue and you will see many thing i posted that were blue. not all things have been tagged yet, i am still putting labels to my 2006 pages, it takes too long.

i loved reading your food writing, makes me very very hungry for good tasty fresh food. and for summer food (we had no summer this year, cold and rain for 3 months).

ok, i have written too much!