viernes, 28 de diciembre de 2007

Post number 101

- We passed the entry#100; An achievement of perseverance!

- John Mcenroe and my uncle Jorge are undoubtedly lookalikes!!!! (I am looking for my uncle`s picture so it could be posted shortly!)

- What is the REAL meaning of "creative kitchen?" La multiplicacion de los panes y los peces? -Juan 6, 1-15- or "Jesus feeds the five thousand!" from John 6, 1-15 Could it also mean to make a very nice dinner out of having 2 eggs and few greens in the refrigerator and very little more? In any case I can`t even entertain the idea of going to creative food restaurants as the trend goes in Madrid, in addition to "fashionable", the last recommendations received and followed were very disappointing (La Trainera. I do not care if it really was the favorite of Francis Bacon while he was in Madrid, as claimed, or if it is considered he best in its class but I dislike fishy aromas, not to even mention tastes and I assume that YES! it is me against the rest of the world still convinced that the place looks like a beach kiosk and the food is no better than the one served by the street vendors of Cartagena de Indias, Colombia but with one difference: here La Trainera excels in hiring the rudest waiters). So if designer dishes or creative cooks are trendy and popular in here I would be inclined to think that they are not that good. I should probably be a little sorry about my simplistic and unassuming taste but, in a country where people unexplicably like percebes (gooseneck barnacles), adore "bacalao croquetas" (epinephelus cifuentesi, salted, salty and turned then into barely edible) commonly consume sepia rice (I am even ashamed to post the link of it) I feel unable to trust any advise of the sort. After 25 years with a daily dose of sirloin steaks with rice I can only prefer meat above all, with the occasional lentil or bean soup for a change: They are easy to get, much easier to cook, and a pleasure to the taste! Nothing out of the ordinary, not the least exquisite but at least very far from snobbish, and environmentally speaking, not too unfriendly.

- In the new year eve, we could imagine exchanging one Navitrolla wall calendar for another one. Not much more than that. No special cooking -thought very creative as usual- will take place. However, our calendar from 2007 was a mürakarud one and the next will be courtesy of the last Nintendo magazine purchased by Emil.

Updated list of mundane wishes that coincide with the turn of the year:

First and foremost: To have the issue of our tenant from hell (Valery) solved before we depart to Estonia

2. A fair deal with and for the cars
3. Nice experiences in Marrakesh
4. Good health
5. wish list fulfilled
6. Visits from friends and relatives
7. A trip to Medellin
8. A NintendoDS Lite
9. Crochet mastery (at least some sort of grasp...)
10. A fish tank
11. Excursion to the Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao
12. A gorgeous Villeroy and Boch service like this


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solartevasquez dijo...

I am identified with you about 'creative kitchen'. The problem is that people needs to be recogniced like 'IN people' and they are ready to do anything, until eat 'mierda'. I like ACPM and swit food, and for me it is certainlly a problem food, because I don't like some.

solartevasquez dijo...

agree with your first and foremost...

solartevasquez dijo...

A mi también me encantaron la cantante, el video y la canción

vacaazul dijo...

Y que tal este? Favorito mio

Mariajaan dijo...

Pues buenisimo! Video y cancion!

tiapata dijo...

Tu uncle gorge me comentó bastante extrañado y apesadumbrado, que: a pesar de que en muchas ocasiones he intentado poner comentarios, usando para el efecto todas las alternativas que el blog ofrece, NUNCA aparecen publicadas.
Te transmito la inquietud. :) Felizaño, apenas entró, me dispongo a leer tu muy delicioso blog.