domingo, 2 de diciembre de 2007


We spent 4 fantastic days in Catalunya:
-Went to Barcelona
-Slept in a wonderful apartment of the gotic disctrict
-Felt it was a very "cool," eclectic, diverse, bohemian, artsy part of the city
-Ate the best fondue of the past 3 years (ever since Beatrix and Gerry made one for us, very authentic, in Basel)
-Visited the Maritime Museum where THE reception (and the reason to be of this whole trip was) took place
-Took a look of the honorary consulate of Estonia where a clearly misleading plate hangs and says "Consulado General"
-Walked up and down the RAMBLAS
-Suffered the traffic congestion and finally drove out to Tarragona
-SAW after many years the Lampreave family: Angel, Rosa, Miriam and Francisco, Esther, and Co. (Children)
-Got a taste of the best imaginable hospitality: hosted in their Summer house, honored by their kind company, guided around the city and invited to eat calcots! And because this last activity deserves a distinguished mention, an image:

This entry continues for sure..........

And this is our latest obsession: Matcha; Japanese green tea, like an expresso to coffee. Juulia, as explained earlier, leads this trend. A bunch of pictures found in the internet of it by this authors: Chahno, Steve H., Miss Peach, Jusan, Yan San, Tychennyt and Moxlux:

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y...! y...? Park Güell... Gaudi... mosaicos... ... ... ... ... o ;?

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Pille dijo...

So I see you got hold of matcha already?