domingo, 23 de agosto de 2009

We can´t blog so often

I am knitting 2 new projects, reading a dummie´s book on crocheting, finishing "Asta´s book," preparing the house, the wardrobes and supplies for the children to begin school in one week, catering for the family of 5 full-time, and supervising the construction of our new sauna.
J. is all about the building of our back deck (terrace); back to work on Monday.
E, J.A. and J.J. are too busy enjoying their last days of Summer holidays. Tomorrow E. has a get together with the Reaalkool group that will form for newcomers to 7th grade.
I would love to visit Yvonne before the end of the season.
We missed to contact so many people this Summer, but next year we can already organize terrace parties.
Sara should come and stay few days. How nice it would be to see her after 10 years.
Not hearing anything from Josefina disconcerts me. Are you around? Last thing I heard you were moving from UAE to Algeria...I think of you and your life with 3 toddlers...I miss our life in Washington. We were so young, so happy. We are still happy, are not we?

Returning soon! Documenting also.

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