lunes, 17 de agosto de 2009

Friends are leaving

This time to Brussels. Foreign service. Some friends are also returning from Kiev, after 7 years abroad. This is why I am not that sad, and in any case we have the plan to visit them before next Summer. It is very hard to move around the world with children and forget about home, projects, routines and expectations. It is specially difficult to neglect one´s career. The life of a diplomat´s family is no paradise as it might seem.

My grandmother left her hometown Ovejas, Colombia (below, left) in 1941(?), for entirely different reasons. They made their home in Medellin, Colombia (below, right. The house in the city and a country house they visited sometimes). I think she never overcame loosing her sense of belonging despite the many gains. I can very well relate to that!

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solartevasquez dijo...

se van para bruselas? cuando? primera noticia.en todo caso, sera bueno por la cercania de uds. con juan f. y carolis.
mi mama se vino en 1943 y si, nadie como ud. pueden entender su 'saudade' y su ferviente sentimiento de pertenencia 'a donde pertenecia'.