viernes, 11 de febrero de 2011

Wise steps to take ahead

HEYYYY, just a minute!

What regime now will be really democratic? Egypt without Mubarak needs too many changes so this unprecedented step would not be a waste (possible only in there, what would happen if anything like that would have taken place in Libya, Jordan, Morocco or Saudi Arabia instead? Do not they want, need or deserve the so call democracy that Egyptians claim to request?). What Venezuelans, Ecuadorians, Nicaraguans and Bolivians think about this?

Has democracy been achieved? This massive hysteria seems very scary to me, specially if after few years something like the rise of fundamentalism also takes place in that country. What will happen with the peace processes advanced with Israel?

Hopefully the very best for that country, region and people' s will follow. This is REALLY a renewal year, the one of the rabbit/cat.

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Celeste dijo...

The scariest for me is that a the military will take over "in the meantime"...Will they leave power voluntarily in september??? Is that democracy also?

solartevasquez dijo...

También pienso específicamente en los acuerdoa con Israel... si el fundamentalismo se instala en Egipto, pero no parece... Egipto no es Irán, es mas abierto al mundo, a mi modo de ver. Pero no podemos ser tan pragmáticos ni tan incoherentes, ¡30 años! no resisten análisis; si creemos que Chávez está equivocado al perpetuarse, ¿qué decir de todos los dictadores de Africa, oriente medio y Asia?

rO dijo...