lunes, 7 de febrero de 2011

News. Egyptian democracy?

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The Super Bowl in USA: Distracting for fewer than suspected. The spectacle of the year, a great revenue for TV producers...Nothing else matters there. THERE. Here, plenty more is taking place.

The newly discovered relevance of an otherwise confused constituency in Egypt? People need to have a say, but democracy is NOT THE RULE OF THE MOB. It is also fallacious to think that the popular will struggles for the general welfare. Mobs are emotional and polluted by distress and desperation. Objectivity is absent from their claims. Democracy in this country will not be created with an act or two. The process that this requires must follow the established rules, the procedural justice, what the emotional discourse of socialists from far Europe do not consider, the rule of law, the basic doctrine of their staple/favorite system: democracy. However none thinks about alternatives, and much less about the consequences of the Egyptian irrational -even if justified- widespread hysteria. Looking a step or two ahead would be much more responsible that claiming an abstract and detached support for this uprising.

Why no journalist asks one of the demonstrators -or several of them- what do they want? What are their expectations? Beyond the stereotypical and thoughtless chant-like answer: "Mubarak out and fuck America," they have NOTHING to say. They do not know.

And who says that every country would be better off becoming democratic? Is not this something that the same constituency must figure on its own?

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Absolutamente razonable mirada sobre esa realidad...