miércoles, 8 de julio de 2009

Wishlist, an update.

I look forward to unfamiliar/original/genuine lines of reassurance and confort, inspiration, enlightment, the upcoming short vacation we will have in Finland, the begining of a sucessful academic year, healthy, kind and loving adolescents (compatible if they really try hard!), the wooden terrace J. has been planning to build, visits from family, relatives and friends, and spare cash to visit home asap. I know I can´t ever own a katsushita Hokusai painting but can get an iMac if I just wait a while longer. I have given up the idea of living in a huge hacienda or a Medieval castle (for practical reasons, mainly but not only) but still ponder over the possibilities to find a suitable manor house, better yet if with a patio in the middle.

Katsushita Hokusai

Donegal castle. Ireland.

Palmse Manor House, Estonia

Ahhh, and I would love to find Persepolis, the movie in Spanish!

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