miércoles, 1 de julio de 2009


What to do with an old laptop? How to reuse it or recycle it in a crafty way? I still keep it somewhere handy just in case a good idea comes by.
I wish I could revive it at all for the kids to be resourceful with it, actually the best scenario would be that Emil figured something like this, or this and turn the device into a running equipment.

These pictures are the remainings of the legacy of a socialist, popular, devastating revolution, followed by the occupation by the Soviets to Eastern European countries. Most are still trying to rebuild and repair the damages after 50 years of "everything belonging to everybody," or rather to NONE, so why to care? The heroes of many Latin American current leaders (or so they say) turned a dozen of countries into trash receptacles (just to mention the most visible, almost trivial part of the tragedy of a totalitarian socialist regime). Is that what the population of Latin America is really looking forward to experience? We would be much better with the Socialist propaganda off these outdated politicians´ repertoire for good.

Below: A typical Soviet poster and few images of an apartment building in the Easternmost part of Estonia, very near to the Russian border, occupied mainly by labourers living just as they have been used to even before coming into this country (Soviet colonization policies). The building is not abandoned and it is in the very centre of the a town. Mostly Russian families/ordinary people live in!

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