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Rhymes with the Orange 08.02.2004

If an entry proposes no reasonable amount of novelty should I still post it? I never know.
The song MY WAY (Frank Sinatra, his staple theme, sung the first time in 1969) has been released at least 85 more times by different other interpreters. It is in your best interest that I recommend you to ignore CALAMARO´S version. He made a mistake on this one that he has to live up to for the rest of his natural life, and beyond. I still fancy his music greaty!
Concerning MY WAY I would stick with Sinatra, and welcome the remake by Robbie Williams. At the touch of admiration, everything this man does seems fine. To me.

Venezuelans might not be realizing that if their president is (or is made) so mighty and powerful to give to "the people" everything they ask and need, he also holds that power to take it all away at will. Arbirariness does not provide other incentive than caution. In time, caution turns into suspicion and fear where the authority acts unpredictably-randomly, based on mood or whim. A society does not develop healthily if what binds it together is so precarious. How can these people be walking the way to misfortune and stagnation that other countries have utterly regretted, and why they do it so cheerfully?

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