miércoles, 4 de marzo de 2009

Completely tired

Another webcomic by xkcd

Of having to register and login everywhere. I ran a check around forums, news and blogs on the absurdity (annoyance, ok) to waste half or more of the time one spends online accessing the privilege of merely accessing. Reaching most times "somewhere" foggy, banal, disorganized and terribly busy with adds and instructions only to realize that you no longer remember what you needed in the first place, but you can still be sure it is not there. It gets even more disturbing when after a while you decide to capitalize the investment (time, energy, information) using the product these cybercommunities offer and you can´t recall the data you used; with the login names or passwords forgotten, you will inadvertedly get engaged in the same obnoxious processes.
I found nothing on the issue. I surely missed to register somewhere...

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