viernes, 7 de marzo de 2008

The promised explanation and few thoughts about wasting time and registration processes

I already feel much better!

- Has anybody came up yet with a device, application or even a simpler WAY that could manage the amount of names, nicks, keywords and passwords that one is imposed to utilize around the internet? Nowadays even a cat wants to "associate" only with "associates" and demands in its blog/site a registration plus the chunk of memory that goes away with it! (I do have to make a concious effort, an enormous one due to the insignificance of the issue, to remember the way I registered my participation in any site I needed, wanted or just happened to visit) I rarely want to commit so much as to go through a registration process that even though most of the times is free becomes a time waste spectacular after counting the many times per day that one needs to do it.
I decided to keep track in writing, yes, to write them on PAPER!!!!!!!!!!!!! And because I did not want to use any corner of any page I decided to purchase a little notebook for the purpose. A total nonsense.
Should not we devote a serious effort to achieve simplicity when an issue does not ask for more than that? It seems a matter of elementary efficiency.

-I started from the wrong end. I was not cool about having to sit for 2 hours going back and forth from my mail account to 4 different sites today to finally reach the conclusion that I actually did not feel any interest for their content. I did join a fifth one where I hope to be in touch with my cousins, friends and university course mates from very long ago. I won´t create a pitch on it now because it needs a lot of explaining and one long registration process. An undeserved pain.
To be checked as soon as I have the time and the will to perform redundant tasks:; A site for ex pats, with connections around the globe. And EUFASA, the European Union Foreign Affairs Spouses Association...I will need some time for these!
Low and high context for the afternoon break. I am a full time mother today with both Emil and Juulia Aliide at home, sick with the flu!

I like blue. I have always. Anything blue.

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Borre el primer comentario por que es el de alguien que anda por ahi dejando enlaces cortos tipo: "See Here" que son spyware y perversitos tipo trojanos. OJO!

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