lunes, 17 de marzo de 2008


Even an iddler finds unmittigateable pain in the seemengly consoling thought of not being disliked by all. From Rhymes with Orange.

And among my innumerable random passing thoughts, few of the recurrent ones of the past few hours:

1. I want to sleep 24 hours in a row
2. When I will fit into a.,b.,c.,d.,...half of my clothes again?
3. Why on earth prostitution and drugs are not yet legalized?
4. I heart opinionated people who respect oposition
5. Most troubles in the world could be solved if only more women were educated, and had less children
6. How I will entertain JF in Madrid?
7. Every mother has a favorite child. Every person has a favorite someone. Every favorite someone of any person is favored with undeserved (or not) chances and compassionate benevolence.
8. I blame human inability to admit its own stupidity for mostly everything
9. I will prepare again nami-nami chocolate cake.
10. Why blogs so very good and interesting are not more popular? I found a fantastic one here.
few of their scanned images below:

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El Mazo dijo...

Hola Mariajaan, desde un 'vínculo desenfocado' te recomiendo esta otra página con imágenes parecidas a las del blog que te gustó, pero no es un blog sino una comunidad de construcción colectiva:

un saludo

Mariajaan dijo...

Te conozco, te conozco! Te leo y te creo! Te agradezco la referencia. La revisare hoy mismo. MariaC.