martes, 26 de febrero de 2008

Tutorials are fine

Although relying on them in the long run kills the natural ability that we all have -if not anywhere else very deep inside- to find our own way to do things. And if "the fun is in the process" why to reduce it to simply follow instructions? I, the prototype militant of a high context culture, simply cannnnnnnot! I still purchase an artefact, figure how to assemble it and then, only then, realize there where leaflets with step to step guides and "how tos." (My next post on high and low culture contexts, I will not procrastinate any longer!) THIS characteristic I greatly appreciate for it does not mean indiscipline but resourcefulness. It all depends how to look at it, right? Anyway it is hard to share a life with a low context culture icon who still consults the map to go to work every morning, and builds up his schedule around the weather channel recommendations...
On the other hand, when even creative processes become rationalized, explained, organized, and almost legislated nothing out of the ordinary remains in them. Any activity devaluates when it is put into a catalogue, a yellow and black for dummies book, and compilations "in a nut shell." I am disappointed at the mere thought of finding a manual to make blogs popular or interesting. Are not blogs precisely about being whatever it is not already defined?
I do not want to see the decline of the spirit of blogging. Popular or not, with traffic or without, green, yellow and daring pink as well! Uniformity, standardization and commonalities should not be promoted in this spaces that are created in strict exercise of the freedom of expression!

Today I was feeling in the clouds thinking in clichés and friendship, love and human kind-kind and then received a crushing email that literally transpired rage. It was not about me, nor against me but it completely turned me off. Words have the power of transmitting emotions, and emotions can be contagious!
No more listening to The Carpenters or Air Supply today (How could I dare anyway???) But I am not angry, just turned off. Down to earth...Why she is doing that anyway???

This sampler is brought from Italy and hangs at Lula´s place. She is the one that teaches Roman mosaic techniques. She also collects heads and limbs made of clay, displayed around her house in little urns, waiting for me to take discrete pictures one of these days.

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