martes, 19 de febrero de 2008

These many things I miss about living in Washington DC

Driving every day along the Potomac River
Alexandria´s pier and Art Studios
Ice creams on lazy Sunday Afternoons (In Alexandria!)
Living in a quiet street of Mclean, only half hour away from Middlesburg
A community center where I could purchase virtually any magazine for 10cents a piece
Book fairs at the same community center
Toddler group meetings
Colourful gardens
A very International Community
The Mongolian Barbecue
Estate sales
Barnes and Nobel in "M" street open every day of the week until midnight
Its coffee shop
Good deals any time, anywhere
Traffic rules that make sense
Careful driving
Sutton place´s roast beef sandwiches
Reasonable utility bills
Barbara and the girls
A newborn Juulia
Weekend Brunches in the Kennedy Center
The Washington College of Law

JAAN: I too miss things from Washington:
Cactus Cantina on Wisconcin Ave.
Sam Adams beer
Public golf course at Potomac river
Cherry blossoms around National Cathedral area
list will be updated...

In this site NOTHING is the knitting anybody knows! By MING YI SUNG

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solartevasquez dijo...

¡qué extraño momento para reconocer las bondades de la espléndida vida en Washington! pero no es tarde...