miércoles, 17 de octubre de 2007

Lo dicen los libros

Everything is well documented: Spaniards make a great deal out of any insignificance. We all certainly do, and utterly to some extent.
Each person who suffers a loss here and in Constantinople can (and will) feel victimized, craft an endless list of factors that aggravate the situation and materialize the guilt in the shape of a person, an institution or both, assigning liabilities to the whole society that "does not react appropriately" considering the people who have "REALLY" suffered.
Each individual, unable to look beyond their own lack of compassion, thinks hat their relative has been the worst treated (even if it was the great, great uncle never visited and cared for), the most ignored, unjustly treated, inadequately retributed, etc. But I dare to say. People die. And much less now than before, people have to die somehow! People get hurt and does not matter how much paternalism a state displays, no amount of care and safety precautions would impede accidents in the work place, on the roads (with seat belts on or not), police brutality, domestic violence and the such. There is no Criminal Law for the victims of the criminals but for the protection of the processed against the state. Imprudent behavior produces casualties and it is not right to blame others when we all often incur into it.
Watching condescending journalists on TV news broadcast in Spain is exhausting. They are always telling people exclusively what they want to listen. Volunteering to misinform and fracture even more the thin bonds that precariously hold this society together. What a pathetic fight between the poor and the rich, the victim and the oppressor, the leftist and the rightist, the beautiful and the ugly, the achievers and the losers. How this country, its government and the very nation can tolerate such a permanent avalanche of accusations and unfounded claims?
Does anybody think that the historical memory should be a priority in the government agenda instead of imigration, terrorism, economics, social reforms, education, etc, etc, etc, etc.???
I am not being very specific now, but I think of many issues that deserve elaboration, logical and reasonable elucidation, and I have no more than 5 minutes before I leave: A law to remove wounds (why not to dig as far as the colonial times and invite few other million people to participate of this blaming circus? -digo, una ley de memoria historica para que? historica en relacion a que periodo? A toda la historia de Espana?-), the inconsequential discussion about the name of Mr. xx ... Rovira (he might have been also called Mr. Izuzu, or even Mrs. Guambia and no problems about his identity in that very moment would have arisen), and the indignation because Americans took the treasure of gold and silver belonging to a Spaniard vessel (how interesting it would be to go on with this relevant investigation and determine where the gold was stolen from and to whom the treasures of this country should be returned!)...
I live in Spain.

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