viernes, 26 de octubre de 2007

Going back to my main interest:

This is an article on conflict management that focuses on argumens deriving from the theory of E.Hall about the "cultural contexts." Surely you have heard me saying something about this! Here you can find explanations, references, examples, etc. It is a good article for starters.

Joonas still speaks little but these are everyday expresions:
amospalacasacha!: Vamos a la casa ya!
Totetalatalala: Donde esta la sandalia?
ogrrrruva no, chau si!:Au revoir no! Ciao si!
pipo conio to-o pgoazooo!mmmrico!: pipo se comio todo el poisson!mmm, rico!

Al Gore receives a Nobel prize. What a good man, righ! He refuses though, to share a table with the president of my country, Colombia! as a protests to his policy of national security. Al Gore is the Greatest man of the year, right! the one who thinks that Alvaro Uribe, a democratically elected Head of State, a simple man with an impeccable political career, utterly coherent, with a successful and legitimate government despite the irresponsible and ignorant comments of misinformed people, is not worth a meeting BUT conferences with North Korean military, Iranian governmental officers or Venezuelan representatives of the controversial (to say the least) president and the such with no problems at all.
I dare say that I can´t understand the man! I can`t figure Al Gore.
Can anybody explain the contradiction?

Last but not least: Here you are the new song of fabulous Juanes. Why he is fantastic? You name it. The music, the attitude, his looks, the messages he conveys to people, the way he dances, or something else. Can anybody really say that all he does is crap? I would believe that if you do not like it very much as Emil, Juulia and I do, there should be at least a reason to admire him:

Juanes in Youtube: "Me enamora"
"la camisa negra"

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vaca dijo...

Para admirarlo: da muestras de una gran personalidad y presencia de animo, porque, atreverse a cantar con esa voz! Y esas letras! A menos, que el mismo se haya creido el cuento, y no piense que es un producto armado para el consumo masivo, estilo Cocoa Cola,sino un gran artista. (¿Tiene buen sabor la coca cola? Es agradable a la vista? ¿Quita la sed?) Que es muy amable, si. El portero de este edificio tambien, pero no por eso nos obligan a oir sus graznidos ni su chachara insulsa de nivel lexicográfico nulo.
Pailas que es muy sociable, eso si. Es un vacan el parcero, medio chirrete, eso si, pero a juanes le aceptamos todo, la chimba.

SalulaidSolarte dijo...

Es un comentario conjunto? Parece hecho por varias personas...hahaha. ME ENCANTA JUANES y esa unica cancion de Calamaro. A Emil tambien!

vaca dijo...

A mi la Coca Cola no diet fria