miércoles, 12 de noviembre de 2008

This is what has kept us so very busy.

We downgraded from this:

To This:

But it is much more comfortable. These renovations have made us go from expectant to exhausted. Workers at home 12 hours per day for 2 full months are NOT recommended. The dust they produced will remain in the most unpredictible places for years to come.
Hoping to return to normal and boring routines, resuming our life and finding essential items misplaced during the works. For instance combs socks, jars, boots, swiming suits, towels, linens, hats, gloves, drawing paper, notebooks, scissors, pillows, paintings, and my graduate school diploma, among other "small" things...Where have all those items gone?

More captured images of our house before and after, later.

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solartevasquez dijo...

¡por fin! ¡aleluya! siquiera volvió a ocuparse del blog. Lo estaba extrañando. Lindo el baño pero quiero ver más...