lunes, 24 de noviembre de 2008

Pirates and snow

Can´t avoid thinking about Somalia. This country must, by popular request, turn its resources toward the fight against piracy. There is no point for them in even going assertive and expressing their interest in their own affairs is Saudi Arabia, the EU politicians and international trade agents who make their demands heard while squeezing the vitality of African countries in their fists. The world seems to be a very unfair place for the less favored. The worst they are doing, the more requirements they need to fulfill to fit the standard of civilized nation. Ecuatorian bananas are the very best in the world but in the EU there is a quota for canary plantains. Mali could develop a bit by processing its cotton or at least exporting it freely, but who would care about that country while it does not have the possibility to raise pirates and unsettle the peaceful highseas? Must be because they have no access to it. A landlocked state that is, like Bolivia. Shame on this world!

In the meantime Estonia looks fantastic (in the outside). It has been snowing for four consecutive days (and nights). Snow is fun for vacationing, but it requires plenty of shoveling. Driving is very difficult too.

Friday morning, preparing to go to work, and Saturday afternoon in the middle of the storm:

Driving in town on Sunday and back to home. These are the streets as they were then:

Under the snow and on top of it already on Monday:

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Anónimo dijo...

Editores de imagen en linea y gratis. Sin necesidad de instalación. :)

solartevasquez dijo...

qué pobre y acomodaticia mirada ofrece la EU sobre aquellos paises que no les resultan interesantes para sus propósitos económicos.¡cuanta incoherencia!