martes, 5 de abril de 2011

Doris Kareva writes nice things

Have never been fan of any poetry, but now I am kind of connecting with my adolescent son´s despair and some expressions seem so nice...
Kõik, mida vajad, tuleb su juurde (Everything you need will come to you)
ühel või teisel varjatud kujul. (In one way or concealed in other)
Kui tunned ta ära, (if you recognize it)
saab ta su omaks. (It turns yours)
Kõik, mida tahad, tuleb su juurde, (Everything you want will come to you)
tunneb su ära ja saab sinu osaks. (It recognizes you and remains part of you)
Hinga, loe kümneni. (Breath, count to ten)
Hind selgub hiljem. (Its value (price?) will become clear later)
Doris Kareva

(Illustration by Oliver Jeffers, removed probably in a paranoid  raid of absurd copyright complacency . Would not be illustrating children books a fantastic occupation, anyway?)
And here one more, one of many more simple pretty thoughts:
Sa ei ole kellestki parem. (You are better than no one)
Sa ei ole kellestki halvem. (You are not worst than anyone)
Sulle on antud maailm. (The world has been given out to you)
Näe, mis seal näha. (See what is there to see)
Hoia seda, mis on (Care for what is)
su ümber, hoia, kes kõrval. (around you, who is next to you)
Kõik olendid omamoodi (All beings in their own way)
on naljakad. (are funny)
Kõik on õrnad. (All are fragile)
Doris Kareva

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