viernes, 27 de noviembre de 2009

Almost done with 2009

Lately working and sometimes, just sometimes hand crafting for the holidays. This Sunday, coinciding with the first advent, Monica Elejalde' s birthday and the opening of the Christmas Market of Old Town Tallinn, is the International Women Association Charity Bazaar in which Emil and I will be volunteering. In addition I made this advent calendar in felt for sale at the hand made stand. Only one because it takes many days to finish and mount it so to make any profit with it the cost gets too high...hoping it will sell... On the 2nd change of boiler -it broke for the third time this year- Hey! It is December, the big spending month, on the 7th candle's day, and from then on countless meetings, parties and celebrations.

2 comentarios:

Carolina Vasquez dijo...

Maria eso esta hermoso!! quiero uno para mi casita,pero que sea de verdad no como la colcha de retazos!!

Jibran Ahmed Khan dijo...

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