martes, 8 de septiembre de 2009

Behind the scenes

We have been furiously laborious, devoted, industrious and productive. Experiencing the new academic year, schools, routines, bus schedules, commuting arrangements, courses to lecture, and a baby cat has occupied all of our efforts lately. Nothing of it is visible. No photos this time.
Our pledge: as much as this family might grow to love the new pet, the cat will NEVER be the focus of this blog and her pictures shall not turn into the bore of all friends and relatives. A promise easy to keep while our camera batteries continue to be empty! But really, do not animal owners realize that every pet is the cutest only to them, and probably none is so innovative and smart because in fact most do the very same tricks time and time and again?
Why to patronize pet clothes manufacturers?
Why to purchase pet insurances?
Why to designate pet heirs?
Why to bother and spend on pet beauty salons?
Why to waste time arranging for pet psychiatrists?
Why on earth to sponsor charlatans such as pet psychics?
This is not a popular post, is it? But somebody has to dissent from the massive charade that sometimes turns life into absurdity. In a world afflicted with poverty, social injustice, marginalization, security problems and environmental abuse, every unjustified allocation of resources such as purchasing a diamond necklace to a dog or for what it matters any piece of clothing, just as much as taking a trip to outerspace "just for fun" is an insult to the human kind. Are not 20 million dollars too much to pay for a spacecraft ride? Has the person who spends on it already done everything else possible with the cash? I can come up INSTANTLY with innumerable great ideas. Part of it could be put into very good use, for example, improving the inadequate satination situation in countries where children die massively in need of water and other basic resources, helping few families to pay their morgages, sponsoring medical treatment to those who cannot afford it, etc...
It seems difficult to enjoy the pet craze and compulsive attention to animals that some display. Excessive self indulgence defies good taste as well. I tend to prefer people who are good and generous to other people(and other beings) than those animal lovers ill suited to relate to anybody else...
Restatement: Pets need vaccination, care and affection. That is all. No less, no more. less is neglect; more is foolishness.

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solartevasquez dijo...

Estoy totalmente de acuerdo con su apasionada apreciación, incluso, cuando se refiere a las necesidades de los animales; pretendemos ser los amos del planeta pues entonces, ¡responsabilisemonos!y por supuesto eso incluye el respeto a todas y a cualquiera forma de vida, particularmente, a aquellos seres que nos acompañan y nos aman sin condiciones. Los animales nos dan lecciones que podemos aprovechar y solo debemos cuidarlos.