viernes, 17 de abril de 2009

El Retiro, Antioquia, Colombia

This is still a very conservative small town (blue everything, not a touch of red on the houses of this streets). At 20 minutes from Medellin, serving some of the very typical grilled meats of the area, plus strawberries and cream, waffles filled with toffe (better than the dutch toffe waffles sold in Starbucks for 3 EUR for sure!, but at a reasonable cost of 10 cents of EUR with all added) and blackberry jam, and fresh lemonade, mixed with the peels and all, sweet and sour. I love this place!
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kiilike dijo...

Greetings, Maria! Nice to hear that you made it to Columbia despite all these problems!:) Yes we will come home in summertime - thanks for inviting us:) Let's make a picnic in one beautiful day:)
Pictures are sweet! Enjoy!

vacaazul dijo...