sábado, 7 de junio de 2008


But horribly sleep-deprived. My mother is also visiting from today.
Writing soon to all the good people we met in Tallinn. I wish all that visit us would leave a coment but anyway, I see the counter and it also "counts"
Off to sleep...
No words, yes pictures:

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Kiilike dijo...

Hi Maria! I found your blog from MoF Forum. What a nice surprise! I knew you were in Spain, but it was so nice to see the pictures (children are so cute!) and read about your life there. Our family is in Washington now and I have started also with my blog, but unfortunately it is in Estonian. Hope you see you sometimes! Greet Jaan! Silva

Mariajaan dijo...

VERY HAPPY to know from you. Leaving to check your blog now!

Ivy Miranda dijo...

Que nenes tan hermosos; te encontré buscando 'mariposas' en la web y me mandó a un post tuyo fechado en Marzo del año pasado.

Un abrazo desde México