domingo, 27 de abril de 2008

An even simpler one. Environmentaly friendly but not absurd advise.

50 ways

-Number 8 is arguable. The reasoning is VERY streched.
-Who is that person that nowadays is not applying common sense advice number 11?
-Recommendations 14 and 22 could be combined. Why a Mexican, for example, should be consuming water that has traveled all the way around the globe from Fiji with the expenses it implies?
-Dear J: I am sorry to expose you publicly but Number 16 has been worded for you, with affection...MariaC.
-38 and 47 if only if commercial practices would allow it. In Spain this is a very remote possibility as for today.

Just few changes in our habits could help. We are a family that proudly finds 31 out of these 50 ways to save the planet already part of our routines very long ago.

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solartevasquez dijo...

en muchas recomendaciones, puro sentido común y consideración ¡no cuesta nada!

solartevasquez dijo...

escribí un comentario pero quien sabe a donde fue a dar... básicamente sobre 'sentido común explícito en todas las recomendaciones. Creo que el valor de respeto al medio ambiente si ha ganado adeptos.